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PTF  Boat  NavSea  Cards

The following information was provided by Chip Marshall in his research. 

It is taken from index cards found and photocopied at the Naval Historical Center Ship's History section in February, 2000. The cards are supposed to have come from the Naval Sea Systems Command (NavSea) Small Boat files. 

Please note that all active PTFs were removed from the Naval Vessel Register (NVR), Ships Data Book in January, 1970. From that time on, the PTFs were considered (officially) “floating equipment.” However, with the exception of PTF13 (which received the small boat number 80PB6513), all of the boats were referred to by their PTF hull number until disposed of. 

Also note that none of the boats lost in Viet Nam are listed on these cards. The information on the cards are typed verbatim without any effort to “translate” the abbreviations or correct spelling errors.