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(Added 06-03-2013)  In 2011 the owner of Osprey that put in all of the work described below died and the boat was for sale. After the sale I received an email from Mr. Bill Seliger of Anchor Research and Salvage, a diving company. there are two places on the website to look at about the Osprey, this is a photo collection of the current layout. Under publications is a crew manual they published about the Osprey. Maybe I can find the copy they sent me.


(Jan 2002)   Click Here for 3 new pages of photographs of PTF-23 after a one year refurb.

Research Vessel Osprey is at your service for underwater surveys, core sampling, underwater video, cable inspection, etc. 

Link dead nothing new found ->

(Sept 2000)  [I received this email and pictures that clears up the mystery about this missing PTF ]

Line drawing of  the Research Vessel "Osprey" 1 Osprey line.gif (135438 bytes) OSPREY1.jpg (135411 bytes) 2 Side view of "Osprey"

Hi Dan,

Enjoying your site. I'm proud to announce that our Osprey (PTF23), is alive and well and outfitted as a Research vessel here in Miami FL. I joined my partner Tim Garner a couple of years ago, he having been the one to acquire the boat from the Florida Institute of Technology in '91. Alterations and upgrades have been made to the boat, but I was amused and surprised to recognize the numerous details that remain, based on the original published specs and photos you guys have collected. Of course we only cruise at 12 knots now with 12V71's for Mains.

I left the Coast Guard last year after serving 6 years. Two of those years on a WPB 110' cutter. I knew when I found Osprey, that it was worthy of my commitment. The Osprey PTF was solid aluminum muscle. Even knowing how much the military over specs and over builds (and over spends) on equipment, I still marvel at the amount of material and labor that went into its construction.

We were repainting a while back and had sanded down the wheelhouse exposing the original "PTF 23" stenciled on the side. It confirmed for us, along with the info here on your site that we are hull 23, and not 26, who turns out not to be the sole "Osprey" class survivor. We've been renovating the boat for the past 18 months, preparing to do research/survey charter work. Its been fun responding to the curiosity and attention this boat attracts, discovering this site makes it more so. I welcome any questions or further historical info.  Reach us at:
(305) 389 1147

Don Elrod


Here's the latest I have on PTF 23.

Spoke with Rich Gerlich of Florida Institute of Technology today in Melbourne Florida. They acquired the boat in 85 from a Unk Nav unit in VA (possibly dahlgren). At that time the boat was painted light blue. They brought her down to Fl changed out the engines for Detroit Diesels and painted her haze gray. Engines were not big enough and they could get just 10-12 knots out of her. She worked there as a research vessel (day trips) until 91 or 92 when the boat was part of a larger exchange of boats brokered by Pete Hoffmann Yacht Sales in Ft Lauderdale. Mr. Gerlich seemed to think that the new owners were in Texas but will research that and get back to me. In any case, the last he heard the boat was being worked by treasure seekers out of Puerto Rico.

The search goes on.

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