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PTFs in Norway

Comments and pictures from Norway

09/04/03    Dan:

All the shots are interesting. I suspect the files tjeld klasse 4.jpg and tjeld klasse 5.jpg are another class of boat (wrong hull lines). The Elco shot is later (notice the radar installation).

Now, the VERY interesting shots are the two in Tjeld klasse 2. You will notice American flags present and American naval officers in the audience.
Could the boat(s) be PTF-3 and/or PTF-4? They were originally built to Norwegian specs AND you will notice they have torpedo tubes installed.

Now it is VERY, VERY interesting. I have made inquiries. We'll find out what is in the shots eventually.



The pictures you sent were wonderful! Thank you very much.

Could you tell me about the two pictures in the file "Tjeld klasse2.jpg? It looks like the launching of one of the Tjeld class boats, but there are American flags present and American naval officers in the audience. Is it possible these are pictures showing the launching of PTF-3?

Thank you again for your time and assistance.

Chip Marshall

From: MMU []
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 7:11 AM
To: Marshall, Chip
Subject: SV: US Navy PT boats and Nasty class boats

Dear Sir!

We have only some few pictures of the Elco class PT boats.
I send you some.


Morten Rudi Moe
Tlf 33033542

"Marinemuseet 150år 5 oktober 2003"


Fra: Marshall, Chip []
Sendt: 19. juli 2003 19:44
Til: ''
Emne: US Navy PT boats and Nasty class boats

To whom it may concern:

I am researching the history of US Navy PT boats (motor torpedo boats)
after World War Two. A group of 80 foot long Elco class PT boats was
sent to Norway in the early 1950s and used by the Royal Norwegian Navy
into the 1960s. Also, two firms built a total of 14 Tjeld/Nasty class
boats (known as PTFs in the US Navy) for service in Viet Nam. Two of
those boats were shipped directly to the United States (US Navy hull
numbers PTF-3 and PTF-4). The rest were transported to Subic Bay Naval
Base in the Philippines for modifications and then sent to Da Nang, Viet
Nam for duty. There might be some information of interest to you at the

I am interested in obtaining pictures of the Elco class PT boats in the
Royal Norwegian Navy and Nasty/Tjeld class boats under construction,
being launched or tested for the US Navy and service in Viet Nam. Is
there someone specific I should communicate with? Do I have to come to
the museum or can I select photos from the USA?

Thank you for your time and any assistance.

Chip Marshall
Silver Spring, Maryland USA




Dear Sir!

I was looking at your very good site.
We are going to make a link to your site from ours.

In one of your pages you reffered to our old site.
Our new site is\marine and we hope you can change this.

We have some drawings of the Nasty class but we miss drawings of the hull. Do you know of any who have drawing of the body plan and/or the sheer lines ?

Morten Rudi Moe
tlf. 3303 3542 mobil 48028536\marine

"Marinemuseet 150år i 2003"

Link to great photos:

[ A surprise E-mail!  Here is the Norwegian version of the Nasty. ]

 03-15-02   Hey, got some picture from the Norwegian Naval museum.

The first picture is Mr. Linge, (the father of Nasty/Tjeld class) and the second is a Tjeld boat.
All the best      Jonny Greff

norway1.jpg (46159 bytes) norway2.jpg (33496 bytes)

October 25, 2000
Address to the museum

I´ not sure that you will find so much about KNM SKRE there but maybe about Tjeld class. (that if you mail them) KNM Skrei build in 1966 at båtservice verf a/s Mandal, Norway.

Now KNM Skrei belong to the naval museum in Horten, because of lack of place in Horten are KNM Skrei laying in Haakonsvern Naval base. Because the navy got new boats in the early 80´s end 70´s they transferred 6 tjeld class to" Karl johansvern naval base", Horten and 27.MTB squadron was establish ( 1979). KNM Skrei was one of them.

27.MTB squadron belonged to the sea home guard. The squadron was operating with tjeld class to around 1990. 27 squadron was official laid down in 1993. KNM Skrei is one of three tjeld class who is still in Norway.

All the best,
Jonny Greff

October 26, 1000


Bridge TjeldBridge.jpg (147735 bytes) TjeldAuxEngine.jpg (145656 bytes) Auxiliary engine
Picture of " KNM SKREI " P-380 one of three Tjeld class now still are in Norway. KNM SKREI belongs to the naval museum. tjeldClass2.jpg (146836 bytes)
Chief engineers dream ? tjeldClass.jpg (146660 bytes) TjeldDeltic.jpg (150304 bytes) Deltic Napier

Hello sir.

Came over you web side, very interesting. 

Have some pictures of some of the Tjeld class.
1 pic is from exercise "Bold game 1989".
One of the tjeld class of 27 mtb squadron (sea home guard).
Tjeld klasse (26050 bytes)
2 pic from the home base at Horten (home guard)
Tjeld klasse (40895 bytes)

All the best
Lt Jonny Greff
MTB flotilla 30.
Royal Norwegian Navy



I only have a written history from one of the Norwegian officers which was on Norwegian PT boats from 1949 to about 1965, he was also on the Nasty on the testing before the Norwegian navy accepted them and ordered 12 boats in 1958.

He writes:
we got three different brand of radars for testing and since the Decca came out best we decided to mount the Decca in the other boats...

So I cant say anything else than to take his words for it and say that it was Decca onboard the Norwegian boats.

I am also telling you that if you want to speak/write to the man who designed the Nasty his name is :

Jan Herman Linge
N-1392 Vettre
Telefon: xx 47 66 90 50 52

This guy, Sverre E. Larsen, own the last floating Nasty in Norway, earlier KNM Hai, he bought the boat in 1992 and plans to restore it and use it as "Norway's fastest museum".
His address:
Svela Marine AS
Seutv. 34
N-1610 Fredrikstad
Telefon: xx 47 69 31 11 80
Telefaks:xx 47 69 31 86 22

Hopes anything of this helps,


I got a technical question for you. What kind of radar did the Norwegian Navy Nasty/Tjeld class boats have? The first Nasty PTFs accepted by the US Navy had the same radar. The later boats had a different radar. I am told by some of the guys who were on the boats in Viet Nam and in the US that the radar was a Decca 202. But a family friend that is a retired naval officer identified the radar on the later boats as a Raytheon model of some kind. can you be of any assistance clearing the question up?

Thanks a bunch,

Chip Marshall