Where are they at today?

As these pages have developed and the research taken place, the question as to what happened to the PTFs is always looming. This section will attempt to answer those questions on an ongoing basis. 

PTFs from around the world

[ 10-25-01] Now we are getting emails from PTF fans and owners from all over the world. We have added pages to start collecting information about these boats too. These sections will grow as we get more info about the boats.

PTFs Today

Click on either the PTF number in the left column or the hyperlink in the right column for information on that specific boat.

Please E-mail any information that might fill in one of the blocks, empty or full. It would be fun to get this filled in: especially any details on vessels that were Sunk on Operations.

Nasty Class

* in notes from A.H. Grobmeier with MACV-SOG, June 1965-June 1966

Osprey Class