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The start of a collection of printable drawings for the collector or modeler. Stay tuned for more "printable" drawings. I hope to eventually replace the fuzzy low density drawings in other places on the pages.

04-12-03 - Dan - Go ahead and put these drawings in the modeler's section.  I am curious to see what the reaction is to the drawings and the security on the drawings.  Sometime I'll come up with a sheet with some other features so everyone will know where the information came from.  The sheets are set up for 11 x 17 (ledger) size paper at 1/72 scale (a popular scale for military boats and aircraft.

Chip Marshall

[Here are the newer version of the below lines and offsets saved as .pdfs. Thanks Chip for all of that hard work - Dan]

  PTF09-16 002 Lines and Offsets 001.pdf  
  PTF09-16 002 Lines and Offsets 002.pdf  
  PTF09-16 Lines and Offsets Spreadsheet.pdf  

PTF Lines and offsets. These were redrawn from an original set of PTF hull drawings. Chip Marshall has to finish the bridge drawing. PTFdocking3.jpg (265025 bytes)PTFdocking2.jpg (306908 bytes)
PTF Docking plan drawing PTFDocking1.jpg (112648 bytes)
Engine layout MachineryArrangementsm.jpg (50598 bytes)
Engine dimensions DelticDimensions1.jpg (46857 bytes)
This is the partially completed version of the PTF 9 deck layout that Marshall is completing. PTFdeck.jpg (656926 bytes)

05/24/03 Hello Dan,

at page:  the is a link to my homepage.

"German site link found on Web.(1-06-02) (updated 01-05-08)

Today I finished the model of the german version in scale 1:40:

  , detailed pix of the model and our first seatour (Badebilde).

I know that you presented one ready model at your page.

Best Regards from Hamburg, Klaus & Jonas

Klaus Gaeth []

09/06/03  Dear Dan
I write you from France, sorry for the language.
I want to make a model RC of the ptf 17, i take many photos on your site, but for the time i have a problem, i don't have any plan of the boat to make the deck and see where are the accessories.
Can you help me if you have a plan that i can print in better quality.
If you want i send you photos of the models during the construction.
Thank you in advance, and " bravo" for your site, the best i found about PT boats