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Deltic History

Here are the first in, hopefully, a series of articles detailing the history of engineering the Deltic engine.

  1. Peter Webberley's Napier Heritage
  2. A short biography of Hubert Scott-Paine, Marine and Aviation Pioneer
  3. A great book is described called, "The Napier Way", by Bryan "Bob" Boyle.
  4. New- (03/10/03) Here is a great link to the Deltic Preservation Society. Some of these books are available on line there.
  5. 02-24-02 Email received: 
    Dear Mr. Withers,

    I found your web site very interesting, as I was a development engineer on the Deltic at the main factory in Liverpool and remember the engines produced for the US navy for use in the Nasty class FPB. These were the 37K series Deltic which suffered from piston failure, due to the hidural piston crown becoming detached from the skirt due to fatigue failure of the copper alloy . The earlier Deltics used a forged aluminum piston crown and skirt and never failed to my knowledge in use by the Royal Navy. This fault was eventually overcome and the Deltic is still in use by the Royal Navy in mine sweepers. The Deltic works was moved to Davy Paxman works in Colchester where I am told they carry spares and overhaul some engines. The Deltics used in the locos were running about 5000 hours between overhaul which was quite good. I shall be pleased to hear from you and hope you keep the old Deltic alive.

     Best wishes, David Taylor.]