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NEW 08-06-02
Sean Tierney Vietnam Film Clips - 1965-66

These 5 video clips are 8mm film conversion to VHS to disk to streaming video. I will add an audio track with Sean's comments soon.

These are VERY large files ! Select for your type of connection speed. Also get your Media Player Maximized for a full screen show.

  • Vietnam Scenes               Dialup       DSL
  • PTFs in Vietnam               Dialup       DSL
  • PTFs in San Diego            Dialup        DSL    
  • Swift Boats in San Diego    Dialup       DSL
  • BSU-1 Ceremony              Dialup        DSL

NEW 06-01-02
PTF 17 Video

These 3 video clips were taken on my tour of PTF-17 on April 14, 2000. I finally got around to  getting them on here.

These are VERY large files !




PTF Osprey Video

[No audio with these videos]

Osprey Cruising-1 Osprey Idling
Crew on board Bridge and Deck
Coming to Speed Turning
Towing Detail

MK3 Patrol Boat Shots