Comments from Jim Thomas from South Carolina

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Gentlemen (using the term loosely) I  had a meeting with Chip Marshall, 19th of June 2000.

We have working with us a hell of a good man, he looks and digs to find information in places that we are unable to get to and he listens to what we have to say about the time and things that haven't been made public as of yet at is the history of BSU-1, MST/NAD, Da Nang, RVN from 2-64 thru 1972.

Jim Thomas

I downloaded the chart of Da Nang Harbor, and will mark out the Spook Base and later living area of Camp Fay, will try to mark the area of first billeting Quarters in 1964, 65. 

Will send a copy to Chip Marshall with drawing of the base.
Jim Thomas

Your web site is only one that is active, there another one that has something about the Spook Base. It's called Navy, Nam and I (Vern Dewitt has it).  I know him from 1965, when we were in Da Nang. Another man lives near me in SC.


I helped to set up the Spook Base that was home to the PTF's in 1964, rode the boats in 64, 65, 66 and again in 71 NAB Coronado Ca

Jim Thomas