Comments  from George Spadie

[ Here is some new history on the life and adventures of PTF men...]  

Mr. Withers,

Hi, I have searched the web several times over the last 2 years for PTF info. and found very little. I don't know how I missed your site. It is excellent. I had planned on making my own site in honor of my old boat PTF-12 to post all of my pictures on (I have quite a few), but your site is far more than I could have ever done. 

On your picture section you show that PTF-3,5-7, AND 10-12 are at Great Bridge, Va. Yet, on the pictures it says that PTF-5 is the only one you can identify. Is this correct? PTF-12 is easy to identify since it is the only one that is wrecked. I had believed that these boats were sold to the Shaw of Iran. That is what we were told was happening to them when we gave them up at Little Creek, Va. (COSRIVON 2) in 1976. 

I originally was on PTF-12 for about 2 years. Unfortunately, we wrecked it at Operation Solid Shield in Morehead City. We were then given PTF-17 for a short period before it was decided to get rid of all of them. We stripped them somewhat and took them out of the water. They were in a field at Little Creek the last time I saw them in 1977. It is very distressing to me if it is true that they plan to destroy them! I have always wished that I owned one, even though it would be on land since it would be way to costly to actually run it. I would like to talk to you more. Please write back. 

George R. Spadie