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I couldn't believe the web page about the three boats I was on during the early 70's at CRS-1 in Coronado. Coming out of Viet Nam on Minesweepers, I received orders for CRS and I ended up on PTF 21 in Subic Bay PI getting a complete overhaul. When I was there several Nasty Class PTF's (3 and 5) and Osprey Class (24 and 26) were also being overhauled. When PTF 21 came back to the states in 71, the Fleet in San Diego couldn't believe how fast the boat was. I rode PTF 21, 24 and 26 until we had to strip the boats and send them up to the PMR for target practice. It made me sick. I still have a lot of picks from Subic overhaul, local opps in San Diego, recruiting cruise up to Northern Calif for the Rose Festival in Portland and my good old Napier Deltic Class Instruction study guide from 1971. I had a lot of fun on them. If you need more info, I would be glad to help you. I spent 28 years in the Navy and retired as a Master Chief Engineman and I presently work for a Navy Contractor in the DC area.

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