Chip Marshall - 1999 Emails
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My family was in Annapolis for a pre-Christmas get together.  In the lobby of the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront is a series of historical pictures of Annapolis at various times in its history.

One shot, taken in 1970, was taken from the City Dock next to the Naval Academy looking across Spa Creek at Eastport.  In the background is the old Trump and Sons boatyard and guess what is next to one of the boat houses. Annapolis Harbor with PTF in background (25281 bytes)

You have to look through the rigging of the boat to the far right, but you can see a bow on shot of a Nasty class boat.  What it was doing here in 1970 will require yet more questions.

This is PTF13, the boat that was used to experiment with various weapon systems.   I believe the contraption on the foredeck is an Oerlikon missile launcher.  I do not know for sure. 

Note the 20mm weapon station on the starboard side. 

PTF13 (25998 bytes)

There is a flat platform that is not used on the Nasty's in Viet Nam.  I think it is there to create a flat platform for the various weapons being tested.

The gun on that station looks an awful lot like one the 25mm chain guns that ended up on the