Comments from Thong Ba Le from Woodbridge, Virginia

[Webmasters note: Author of the PTF Zero Six short stories in Links]

Dear Mr.Dan,
It is wonderful to know that your PTF Nasty class history Web site has just expanded with valuable documents of MAC-V-SOG. I have visited your new updated homepage and joyfully read some of the reports that mentioned about the past "Mission Impossible" conducted by Vietnamese Navy Special Forces with these mighty PTF boats of The Coastal Security Service. There are missions and events that I never knew before because it happened after I left The Force and took Command of the Task Group "Sea Tiger" in Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Again thanks so much for the research and your devotion to bring back our adventurous sweet memory and to publish those "untold stories" of history to the free world.

With my admiration,
Thong Ba Le,
Woodbridge, Virginia

Dear Mr. Dan Withers,
I have visited your Personal Photos page and those pictures have brought back my memory of the time I was standing on the bridge of one of these mighty boats, heading out to sea on missions. I have also sent Email to my Navy friend who is Editor of a Vietnamese monthly magazine in Austin, Texas and asked him to contact you and if possible to send you pictures of PTFs that he had collected and inserted them in my PTF stories and other articles. 

Lt. Cmdr Cam Do Tran was also a former Captain of PTF and served in the Patrol Maritime Force for 5 years, a warrior and a famous author who had written many documents in Vietnamese about Vietnam War and one of those was the event of Gulf Of Tonkin in 1964. His Email address is:

Please take care.
Thank you,
Thong Ba Le

Dear Mr. Dan Withers:
It is my pleasure and honor to have you posted my PTF stories on your website. Thank you very much for coming to Vietnam to help us and being part of our pride to fight against the Vietnamese Communist. Your contribution had helped us to prove to the whole world of our ideal for freedom that we have been fighting for.

Your collection is remarkable and I am sure that my colleagues and myself will treasure and enjoy it very much. I will surf your homepage very often and inform my Navy friends about this.

Best regards,
Thong Ba Le