Comments from Dick Clark

[ Dick has been watching some Nasty transactions in England ]

Thanks for your reply, I'm still in a state of shock abut the prices of the hulls though! If the hulls are in such bad condition, how are they still fetching this much money? Do you know how long they have been there, or where I might find any more for sale?

The Inverness Nastys' advertisement that I first saw was January 1999 (in Boats & Planes For Sale magazine) , with 2 boats remaining, priced at 15k. By June they had dropped to 10k ono and the last boat sold just prior to June this year for 7.5k - the buyer was a scrap dealer who made a very nice profit, since there was 5k of paint in the boat to sell off! The seller was a Tom Bergen from Norway, who has just brought my friends Nelson 40 pilot boat. I will try to get a contact number for him, but you could try Gary Norman ( who sold him the Nelson, to get in touch.

If anyone is interested in the Deltics & gearboxes, the seller could also be contacted via Tom Bergen.

It is interesting to note how much more there is on the net about PT boats than MTB's. I have been very interested in researching both, but the MTB's are much harder to trace. Incidentally, have you read a book called 'Flag 4'? I can't remember the author, since I haven't got the book here, but it's all about MTB/PT operations in the Mediterranean during the 2nd world war - very, very good.

I have a friend at work who is building a 20th scale ELCO 77 in steel, to a set of original plans. Maybe a Nasty is the next 'project' if the originals are so expensive! Keep me posted if you hear of any more for sale in England though please, all I have traced so far is a 35' torpedo retrieval boat hull - pretty and free, but not quite the same!

Keep up the good work,

Dave Clark


Congratulations on a very impressive site, have looked for this for ages!

There have been 7 Nasty class boats recently sold from a broker in Inverness, the last broken for spares (engines going for 1500 each, still avail) - no idea what numbers they were though.

Any ideas for getting one of the grand bridge boats to Britain, and costs???

Many thanks

David Clark