Comments from Jerry Chouinard

[ Welcome Jerry to the group. Looking forward to his stories - Dan]

Just sitting here and this "story" just flashed in my head after reading your new updates and looking at new map of lower base.

I was on watch one night (8-12) and we always had two guys on in trailer above pier 2 and one who roamed around and checked boats, generators, etc. Well I was down on Pier 1 about 10-10:30 and I heard a sound I'd never heard before...whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop! Then there was a splash about 40 yards out past the floating dry dock. I ran like hell up to the watch trailer (heart rate was 300 I think) and just after I got there, again...whoop, whoop, whoop. Splash, just off the end of pier 2!!! I yelled, "go get the duty officer up." Flares were lighting up the sky all over Monkey Mtn. and I didn't know what the hell was happening. I don't remember who was on duty with me that night but he ran into the office and woke up the DO. While he was going, whoop, whoop, whoop, again and a splash just at the breakwater wall about 10 feet from pier 2. My heart rate went up to 500! The DO got up and came out of the office and again, whoop, whoop, whoop and a loud crash as something hit the tin roof on one of the buildings! No explosion, just the sound of something hitting the tin roof. Aha!!!! it was the casing from an 81mm flare from a Swift boat in the harbor. The DO ran into the SOG building and got them on the radio and told them to change there angle as the casings were landing on us! They did and that's the end of that story. I thing I "wore off" about 3 years of my life in that 15 to 20 min.!!! Nothing deadly, but it sure scarred the s@$% out of this 18 year old kid!

I can laugh about it now, but it was "real" at the time.

More latter,

Dan, thought you might like to see this.
    [ Original email received by Jerry ]

    Dear Jerry,
    I was known as the BEAR. I was an EM-3 and had a 63 white Ford Falcon pick up. Caught your story on the PTF website. Remember me ?? I think you were the youngest skinneyest and blondest guy on the 13 boat. I was always on the LCSR's heading out to San Clemente Island. I came in BSU in 1/65 handled cargo in DaNang from 6/65--11/65 and I went to site from 9/66--4/67 and to Nhe Be with the seals 9/67--4/68. Got out in 7-68.

    Your right about one thing. The Seals sure get all the credit. All the Seal books hardly ever mentioned us but we saved their asses many times. And they weren't boat drivers at all !! Especially the PTF's.

    Send me an e-mail when you can. Have to go home and drag out the old pic's as I think I have one of you somewhere. Hope all is well. 

    Randy 'the Bear' Miller

[ Jerry's Email replay to Randy]

Hello Bear,

Yes, I remember you!!!! You are the first guy I remember that I had talked to!!!

That would be real cool if you could find some pictures...I lost all mine. I just got online a month ago, found Nasty site and was overjoyed to find it. I could go on for days but I'll make this short now so you know I got your email.

Where do you live? It looks like Calif. I live in Tucson, AZ

Keep in touch, It's so good to here from you. I always tell everyone about you! The only man that could walk through an engine room and get all the grease into his clothes! Remember the time you left your room with your boots untied and your laces got stuck in the screen door?

Gotta go...

Dan, thanks for the quick reply.
It will be fun to link up with some of the guys and share stories. I was looking at John Snyders long range photos and just flashed!!! I believe that is me sitting on the bow. That is right where I sat when not down in the control room. He is checking the date of the photo for me this weekend. This will be a real trip if that is me...a tall blond, you know the rest of that story.

Something I haven't noticed is the fact that "we were not there." When we first got there we went straight into the security bldg. at Camp Fay and they took our Navy IDs away and gave us a "NAD" Id . All serial numbers on guns or anything on the Nastys were ground off or drilled out so no links to US could be found. We, with the Seals, all had bounty's on our heads. 

We worked our tails off but we always found time to get into trouble. When MASH (the movie) came out I told everyone that was what life in MST was like and they thought I was nuts. In fact we did "better stuff" than they did! 

Enough for now, I'll get back to you latter...

Dan, My name is Jerry Chouinard (EN3) and was with BSU 1 from 12/65 to 1/69. Was in DaNang twice 7/66 to1/67 and 7/67 to 1/68. Was on PTF 13 and LCSRs when in the states. I've got all kinds of stories to tell...sorry no photos left. How can I do this? I have been online only 2 weeks and am still learning. It was great to find your site!!! Love it.

I feel that we were "left out" at BSU 1. The SEALS get all the attention (well deserved) but we did our part. Of course you know, "WE WERE NOT THERE!" I don't know what is still classified but those of us that were there...know what went on..

Being called "Spooks" was always fun. I've got a great story on that one. Check in with me and lets have some fun. Always mention BSU 1 or Nasty in "Subject of email so I will open it.