Comments  from John Bush

[ John, your aren't the only old fart reading these pages. Join the group and celebrate the greatness that the PTFs were. - Dan ]  

Mr. Withers (Dan),

I enjoyed seeing your website, although I must admit to feeling like an old fart (i.e., like my dad reminiscing about his Navy experiences from WW II). It's truly a sad end to a great boat. I must admit, also that I know nothing of 19's history before or after the time I was associated with her. 

I had the privilege of becoming a Plank Owner when CosRivDiv 21 was commissioned at Great Lakes (NTC, Illinois) comprising PTF's 17, 18, and 19, one of a relatively few Reservists to have had that opportunity. I served aboard her from '72-'75 as a member of the Reserve crews that augmented the Regular Navy crew. The Commodore was LCDR James Roper, whose next duty assignment was as First Lieutenant on U.S.S. Midway. After I left the Division in '75 to accept a commission in Medical Service Corps, I heard 
that things went downhill until CosRivDiv 21 was decommissioned. I lost track of her after that. 

Thanks for the memories.

John W. Bush (former OS/2)