Patrol Torpedo Fast
The "Nasty Class" Fighting Boat

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This collection of material was compiled on a personal quest to uncover any and all possible information about the PTF.  I was fascinated with the sounds of power from the twin 3100HP Napier Deltic engines and speed that these 80' wooden patrol boats displayed as they operated from Da Nang Harbor.  Now 35 years later, with the technology of the internet and e-mail, I have been able to compile this web page to honor the men who served and the boats that brought them down the coastal waterways of Vietnam.

Dan Withers
- Port Ludlow, Washington

Photo by Lt Kurt Froyen, 

06-3-2013  It has been sometime since we have received much new for the PTF webside. I will continue to add the few things that we receive. Most of the new "crew stories" are now added to the website under the BSU-1 or the MST-1 section. So what we have here is a block of all known info on the PTF's and the Napier Deltic Engines. I will continue to add to this as we find new info. - Dan

Whats new ?

Whats new with PTF-3

Whats new with PTF-19

New - Added Nasty Class yacht conversion from England.
New - Added video and images from Worton Creek PTF-19
New - Added link to new owner of PTF-23 Osprey.

Recently declassified history of the PTF in Vietnam added to MST-1 on This is the motherlode of PTF history.
PTF Nasty's designer passed away

DaNang photos from Jack Jennings.
Coastal Raiders - an English translated version by Tran Do Cam, Ex-skipper of PTF 2 & 11, DaNang, Vietnam 1965-1970.
Photos Received of the PTFs at Portsmith.
Did you serve with BSU-1 or a newer SBU unit?
visit for more small boat history including the PTFs.

Last update 06-01-2013

January 2009 Newsletter now online.

Updates -Bottle of San Miguel Beer found in the bilge


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